2016 in review!

January 6, 2017

Have you reflected on 2016 and picked out the positives yet? I sat and thought about my highlights this year and how they (and the negatives) are going to help to have another amazing year!

My number one highlight of the year was becoming an Ironman (obviously), though throughout the journey I had a lot of negatives around this…. Which was all worth it and contributed it to being SUCH a highlight! Sure, if I hadn’t had that huge (4 month) injury I may have been faster, I may have got the qualifying spot I wanted – but If I had it wouldn’t have put in place some of my goals for 2017! (Yes, I’m doing another Ironman)


Graduating – not one I expected to be on the list this time last year! This time last year, Uni was a huge hindrance to my life – as far as I was concerned it didn’t matter too much what I got because I never wanted a degree in PR & Comms anyway! Good job I still worked hard and got my degree – this year I set up a business in doing just that!


Getting my first job (and leaving it) – again, a huge negative at the time. I never wanted to succumb to a 9-5, waiting for a pay check, sat behind a desk, working for clients I wasn’t passionate about, kind-of-job, but needs must. I learnt exactly how I didn’t want to spend my life, but also learnt to be realistic about it. Sure, I’m all about following your dreams – but mine is to get paid to train all day, eat when I’m not training, and blog! This may be realistic for the minority, but right now that isn’t paying my bills! Instead I’ve created the next best thing – I am the boss of my own timetable, which means I can train when convenient, work the hours I want to, and choose my clients, all the while still plugging a way at my blog and hoping that one day, someone wants to pay me to train and eat!

Setting up my own business – I covered this one above! Sure, it’s hard… really hard. Know one ever taught us at school the logistics of running a business, or how to go out and win work – but it’s all part of the challenge! I am determined to make 2017 a very successful year!

The travel – I went to Austria and Vichy for Ironman, Lanzarote to train, Ibiza to recover and New York to celebrate the New Year! I loved every one of these trips (even the ones that involved 19 hour weeks of training or 11:58 hours of racing). I also got to do these with my best friend (boyfriend, training partner, partner in crime, coach) who gave up our first holiday as a couple to come on a training camp with my whole family and do 19 hours of exercise when he doesn’t even do triathlon < he definitely deserves a paragraph (essay/book) as a highlight of my year but I’m not sure it would be appreciated on my blog!


These are my main highlights of the year and all of which will influence 2017, same goals just BIGGER! It’s important to recognise that the hardships at the time are usually part of the highlights! Happy 2017! x

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