Coconut addict: Coco Pro review

June 18, 2015

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am OBSESSED with coconut, like, beyond obsessed. I don’t think twice about drinking the full litre bottles of coconut water without coming up for air… it’s just too good!

Apart from being absolutely delicious, coconut water is packed with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. These all work to replenish dehydration in the body, perfect for athletes when you’re getting nice and sweaty!

Research studies also suggest that Kinetin and trans-zeatin in coconut water can have significant anti-aging effects, (just think, when the coconut water sounds expensive, it’s cheaper than Botox!)

I was very excited when CocoPro got in touch with me to send me some of their product to try! Their coconut water is like no other, having 20g protein per 330ml bottle, all natural, lots of vitamin C and comes in Coconut and Coconut with Pineapple! This is extra fab for anyone who is training hard so they not only get all the benefits of the coconut water, but also all the extra protein to help recover! It is also a super convenient recovery product to carry with you to training.

This would be ideal for me after/during a long training run or ride, but obviously I couldn’t wait that long! I tried it on the day that I had done a hilly 6 miles in the morning and straight after a little core session – but to be honest I would just drink it anytime, it is so packed with nutritional benefits and just too tasty.

You can get your CocoPro at quite a few retailers which are listed on their website at:

Let me know what you think of this coconut goodness!

Em x


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