Dining in London: Pure Taste

February 14, 2015

My dad came to visit me on Thursday night after work. As usual of the Young family, we do not tend to have anything planned or organised! It got to 6:30 before we decided to try booking anything.. obviously this was difficult in London.

After realising all of the lovely fish restaurants we fancied where fully booked, the next best choice for us would be any healthy conscious kind of restaurant. Me and my dad are renowned for ordering exactly the same.. when I live at home and we are both training and eating lots, its often a fight for the same food! However it is also fab when were dining out together and can appreciate the same kinds of restaurants.

So by 6:45 after our herbal tea we had in Harrods, we decided to give London’s first Paleolithic restaurant a go- we both eat grains and eggs so do not follow or personally recommend the paleo diet, however I personally can appreciate it for the lack of gluten, refined sugar and anything processed!

The menu at Pure Taste is very strange.. it includes a dietary key which caters to all sorts of dietary requirements such as SCD/GAPS diet, Weston A.Price diet, Vegan, Low carb, Vegetarian etc etc.

Just to get this straight for anyone who might be wondering.. I don’t follow any kind of diet, and I pay absolutely no attention to my weight. I eat a balanced diet (I say balanced loosely as I defiantly eat excessive amounts of fruit), I try to avoid gluten only because I am slightly intolerant in terms of digestion, I don’t eat much meat as I seem to work and feel better on things like beans/chickpeas and fish, and I eat tons of quinoa, rice and sweet potato alongside a heavy amount of plant based foods. I also really try to avoid anything processed such as refined sugar.. because that doesn’t agree with anyone!

Back to the restaurant.. me and my dad are big eaters, so a gluten free bread basket with avocado butter was defiantly on the cards before the starter!

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 15.03.21

This was absolutely delicious! It was so good to enjoy a bread basket and it be gluten free.. and I am avocado obsessed, so the butter was amazing!

To start with, I ordered Scallops with apple and parsnip, which were cooked beautifully- and presented. According to the key for anyone who is interested, this starter was: Egg free, suitable for those following the pale autoimmune protocol, whole 30 compliant, no nuts, and low carb! I personally feel quite strongly against following certain diets, especially the last one on that list.. listen to your body and don’t deprive it of anything that is feeding it real nutrients!

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 15.03.35

Following the Scallops, more fish! Through the week I tend to eat less fish and more beans/lentils/chickpeas, so when I eat out I almost always order fish! I ordered the Halibut with dukkah, spinach and lemon. The fish came with a top layer of crushed nuts which was an amazing contrast in texture, something I would like to try in my own fish recipes. Nuts are a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and dietary fibre, I eat a large handful of nuts or add it to at least one of my meals everyday.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 15.03.49

Dessert? of course! I would never say no to a dessert that is free of refined sugar and gluten! With such a good choice of puddings on the menu, me and dad decided to get two and share.. coconut Panna cotta with lemon sorbet, and chocolate orange ganache. Both were absolutely delicious!

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 15.04.02 Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 15.04.14

With compliments of the chef, we got given a tray of mini desserts to sample, (yes I still had room by this point)

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 15.04.22

I am not sure what I ate here.. but all four where delicious! I loved the concept of the restaurant, people shouldn’t have to feel like they’re ‘faddy’, ‘picky’ or ‘awkward’ because they care about what they’re eating when they dine out in a restaurant. It is nice that places are starting to accommodate people’s food requirements and preferences when health is involved!

Let me know in the comments for any new restaurants like this to review!

Em x


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