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June 23, 2016

‘The human body is in a constant state of adaption in an attempt to maintain balance in the body, and therefore health and wellness.”

I think it’s really easy for people, especially people who are into being fit and healthy and have to adapt busy schedules, to completely disregard other unhealthy habits in their lifestyle…. Like not giving yourself enough rest for example.

So many different factors come into play to determine optimal health; it cannot be achieved simply by having a healthy diet. I know myself that I ask so much of my body and put it under so much physical and mental stress, so it’s important that all contributing factors of my life are as balanced as possible.

Two hormones in particular are produced to deal with stress – adrenaline and cortisol. Too much cortisol, which can also be caused from high sugary diets, can effect and imbalance hormone levels, which can have a negative effect on general health and wellness.

Small daily stress, which may seem insignificant, such as money issues, being sat in traffic, unhappiness in a career or relationship can be a constant trigger on our stress response. Constant triggering of our stress response can lead to much more serious issues such as chronic stress – which is even considered a contributor to depression and cardiovascular disease.

It is so important to look after ourselves and reflect on aspects of our life that can be contributing to our stress levels, most things are within our control and it can be as simple as reflecting and establishing the factors that cause us stress and unhappiness, and removing them from our life.

For me, I know I often let small issues worry me that are really trivial in the grand scheme of things. It’s often when I am over trained and haven’t focused enough energy on recovery.

The best way for me to manage this is to reflect on what is causing me stress, why it’s causing me stress, and how I can remove it from my life.

Sleep is so underrated despite being so essential in order to rebalance and rejuvenate. Sleep gives your body and mind the chance to restore and recover from the days stress levels, which is why it is so important to give yourself the best opportunity to have quality sleep every night for around 6-8 hours. It sounds so simple to reflect and get a good night sleep but it really is so important in order to achieve optimal health.

My favourite factor of minimising stress and helping achieve the best health is obviously food. Poor nutrition choices lead to poor health. I really don’t need anymore excuse to eat good food – (take a look around the recipe section of my blog for some inspo)

Last but not least…exercise!

Exercise is one of the most powerful forms of medicine – it really is. I might be a little bias as someone who could be considered obsessed, (anyone who does an endurance sport has to be!) But seriously, adding daily exercise into your lifestyle is the quickest way to reduce your stress and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Em x



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