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Healthy Food spots in Oz!

November 4, 2015

If you ever get an opportunity to go to Australia then you absolutely must take me with you! I have just returned home from almost 3 weeks away and I am already desperate to go back.

Obviously I made it my mission to visit as much of the healthy food places possible, (I went away with my not so healthy family and boyfriend which made this difficult – they for some reason didn’t want to plan our days around which Vegan café we ate at)


Where to stay? Pier One Hotel, overlooking the Sydney Harbour. This needs a mention due to their epic breakfast spread. I’m talking endless amounts of coconut water, chia pudding, almond milk latte’s, eggs how you like them and salads at your disposal.


Byron Bay Farmers Market – I can’t imagine there is anything that you could eat or drink here that isn’t amazing. Everything was sugar free, dairy free and gluten free. I tried the salted caramel almond milk from a brand called ‘Inside Out’, I tested out some kind of granola yogurt pot from some other deliciously healthy looking stand, and another almond milk based iced coffee from ‘Raw Creations’.


Speedos at Byron Bay – I had this one on my list after lusting over their Instagram from the UK. This café is a goodie as it accommodates everyone, not just the health conscious. I HAD to give in to my sweet tooth and try a Coco Whip – basically frozen yogurt made out of coconut water (vegan friendly), I had mine over some chia pudding and fruit, I can confirm this is absolutely delicious. I managed to sneak a few mouthfuls of my boyfriends eggs, avo, salmon and spinach.. a classic made to perfection.


Cali Press Juice at Byron Bay – unfortunately there’s only so much food one can eat in a day, even if I do eat about 50 times the daily-recommended amount! I only managed a ‘Baja Beets’ juice, (beetroot, cucumber, carrot, apple, lemon, ginger).


Bondi wholefoods – I got a mixture of 3 salads here, all amazing but I have no idea what I ate, but the important thing is that it all tasted fab! I may have given in to a raw snickers bar, (gluten, sugar and dairy free of course) for dessert.


About Life in Sydney – THE BEST PLACE EVER! This is like a huuuuge wholefoods but 10 times better. I bought a mixture of snacks including a raw doughnut, and also a huge box of foods from the buffet, including raw vegan lasagne…heaven. (I’m actually not vegan or veggie for anyone who is wondering)


Pressed Juices Sydney – this had the coolest line up of juices and milks I have ever seen, the UK really needs to step up a notch on the juicing front. So after careful consideration I finally decided on ‘ the black lemonade’, it really was jet black. This lovely creation consisted of alkaline water, lemon, activated coconut, charcoal and cayenne pepper.


Messina Sydney – Okay, so this shouldn’t really make the healthy food guide for Oz… its ice cream! Not the vegan, sugar free kind I’m afraid, the real stuff! My weakness is ice cream and this place is utterly amazing. You really can’t go to Oz and not try some.

My fun 3 days in Sydney was short and sweet… I feel content with the amount of healthy food spots I managed to cram into this trip (I haven’t mentioned all the ‘normal’ eateries I ended up in for dinner). My next leg of the trip was in Broach Beach, where I met up with my family and stayed in a beachfront services apartment called Peppers.


Oasis shopping centre Broadbeach – I’m pretty useless here because I have actually forgotten the name of the health food shop, but it’s easy to spot within the shopping centre! Here I tried a brand called The Primal Kitchen and had their white chocolate raspberry vegan ball… It was no Bliss Ball but it was pretty delicious.

The Cardamom Pod – So this is the ultimate food spot in Broadbeach. I managed breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert on my stay here. Basically I would recommend everything and the breakfast is hands down the most epic breakfast you will ever eat in your life. Even my extremely sceptical, extremely non-veggie family enjoyed their dinner and desserts there!

IMG_0751 IMG_0750 IMG_0749 IMG_0748 IMG_0747 IMG_0746

On route to our final destination we spent a quick night in the city of Brisbane, one night including a hotel breakfast leaves very little time to try all their health cafes, but I can confirm at least one good one.


The Pineapple Express Brisbane – I will admit I picked this one simply because they also did Coco Whip, it’s just too good to leave Oz without having at least one more. I opted for a super green salad consisting of kale and seeds a goji berries in a pesto sauce.

IMG_0753 IMG_0752

The last leg of our trip was spent in beautiful Noosa. By chance we timed this pretty perfectly with it being the same weekend as the Noosa Triathlon Festival. I also want to add for any runners… this ended up being my favourite place that we visited in Oz to run, pretty and hilly!


Blended Noosa – Blended is basically acai bowls and smoothies, but delicious non the less. I came here for a post run breakfast of organic acai, gluten free granola, blueberries and strawberries washed down with a good old almond milk matcha latte.


10 Hastings street Noosa- I came here numerous times just for the drinks menu, chia brew (chia tea infused with coconut milk), matcha lattes and iced coffee. What’s coffee without cake? The ‘Glow Bar’, which is vegan and cold pressed with turmeric, is an absolute dream. Breakfast gets even better… I had some kind of kale, roasted veg, beetroot salad topped with poached eggs and avocado, I think it may be up there with one of the best breakies I’ve had!

FullSizeRender-42 IMG_0510

Raw energy Noosa – I was slightly disappointed when I arrived to see a menu that didn’t actually involve much raw food, but it didn’t disappoint with the taste! I went for a vegetable juice and the salad special of the day, which was delicious. If you go here I really recommend their natural ice-lollies!


Café Le Monde Noosa – I wasn’t actually aware that this was going to have some healthy bits; It was just a random restaurant we picked for dinner one night! To drink (ok I did have some wine too), I went for the ‘Pink A’ and also tried the ‘Yellow A’, which where local cold pressed juices that came in such a cute jar! I was super excited to see Coyo ice cream on the menu for dessert and obviously had chocolate and vanilla… after a starter and main when nobody else had a pudding, oops!

Noosa Juicer – This place is probably the best place for juices/smoothies in Noosa, (there is a Boost but I didn’t go, I have tried the ones at home!). I would recommend their Cocoa Acai bowl topped with fruit and granola.



I 110% plan on returning to Oz, so any other foodie recommendations would be appreciated in the comments:)



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