Imposter Syndrome

March 26, 2018

Mike Ross.. you are a FRAUD!

… *please go watch Suits to understand – you will also thank me because it’s SOOO good*

Imposter syndrome reflects a belief that you’re inadequate, feeling like you’re doing something thanks to pure luck, and that sooner or later someone is going to ‘expose’ you for a fraud. It makes you feel like you’re undeserving of your positions or circumstances, not good enough for the role, not the right candidate.

This is something I can really relate too, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

I’m a worrier and I have been all my life, I over-think everything, and my personality is extremely obsessive… it’s caused me many issues over the years, (eating disorder, adrenal fatigue), and it’s something I’ve really made a conscious effort to change over the last year.

I have spent the last couple of years doing pretty much every educational course within my interest that I can find – in the hope that the qualifications may make me feel more adequate when I share my passions on my blog, over my social channels, and in my job. I still don’t feel any different despite the pieces of paper. Clearly I have learnt nothing from Suits!

I am an ambassador (a VERY proud ambassador) for two amazing brands; Sweaty Betty and Liv Cycling, where I get the opportunity to present events around fitness and cycling. Every time I show up for an event I feel like a fraud, like someone’s going to call me out for not being a proper cyclist, for being slow, for not knowing anything – it apparently doesn’t matter how many miles or Ironman’s I do… I still feel this way.

I decided to write a few tips down on how to manage feeling this way, I hope it helps!

Recognise the positives of being the beginner/novice/not knowing everything

Maybe this makes you more relatable? Maybe you’re more qualified for this role BECAUSE you’re still learning and growing with it. Everything is constantly moving and changing, it’s impossible to know everything!

Focus on how you’re growing/developing/learning

 Stop stressing over whether you’re perfect for the role… focus on gaining the most out of it! Learn from every experience, embrace it, be bold and brave and absorb all the knowledge you can.

Have some perspective…. If it wasn’t you

If you were looking at someone in the same position as you, would you consider them not worthy of being there? Probably not! Focus on facts and try not to let emotion get in the way.

Focus on the positive

You are there, and there’s a reason for that! Find those reasons and remind yourself of them, celebrate them!

Visualise success

What do you hope to do in your position? Strive towards that, the best you can do is all you can ask.

Remember that most people feel this way… insecurity is a normal emotion

Believe it or not, a lot of people can relate to these feelings, don’t think it’s only you!

Fake it until you make it

I particularly love this saying, as it’s always something my boyfriend says to me and something he really does embrace. It’s important to go for things and strive for things beyond what you think is capable; otherwise you will never reach or know what your full potential is!

Em x

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