Interview with Flick Abram

July 24, 2016

I had the pleasure of bumping into my favourite triathlete during a run when on holiday in Australia at the end of last year. Me and my dad were getting in a 12 mile trail run before we stopped to watch the Noosa triathlon when we ran past Flick who had stopped to chat to her mum – I was obviously very embarrassing and keen and ran back to ask for some photos! To make it even better, Flick continued to run beside us for a few miles, chatting about her time in Leeds and also coming back from her injuries. I have since caught up with Flick to find out more about her training and nutrition as a professional athlete…


How did you first get into triathlon?
At the age of 10/11 I was swim training a lot . It wasn’t till my first yr of high school that i did my first cross country race and won it . Not long after I made the switch over to Tri training .

How did you turn it into a career?
I worked really hard and was good enough at a young age so the transition to Pro was relatively easy for me . I started travelling overseas to Europe in my last year of school . I think it helped that I was lucky to have supportive parents that let me pursue want I wanted at the time .

Which of the three disciplines is your strongest?
Well I would have to say the run when I’m at my fittest . But also my bike strength on hilly courses

What does a day of nutrition look like when training?
Coffee ! Breakfast normally always consists of porridge and eggs . Or Avocado on toast with runny eggs . In summer when It’s hotter , Ill eat more fruit and vegan protein based smoothies ( because I dont tech much dairy ) Lunch is mostly a colourful salad with some form of protein and brown rice . And dinner is mostly fish or meat , veg or salad and sweet potato . I love making sweet potato chips ! I don’t snack to much . If I need extra fuel for training bananas , dates and dark chocolate ! On the weekends I love a red wine before and with dinner . So basically I try and eat things that don’t come out of a packet . I feel better for it .

Do you have a special pre-race breakfast?
Oats and eggs . Or rice cakes with honey and banana . Lots of coffee !

What is your ultimate refuel meal?
I think that depends on what Im craving at the time . If its at night time , I love a good wood fired pizza or a nice steak . Actually probably anything , but lots of it haha .

Where is your favourite place to train?
Leeds 🙂 and Leysin , Switzerland .

What does a typical training race look like?
Currently I’m not training a lot . I’m still recovering from some injuries and I’m working . But I try and get 4 swim squad sessions in . 3- 4 rides on my bike and run as much as my body will let me . Which at the moment isn’t too much ! Plus pilates almost everyday .

What do you like to do on your rest days?
Walk the dog . Try and get a massage or some sort of chiro treatment .


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