January Favourites

January 29, 2021

My social media may be all fitness, but (shockingly), I do actually like a lot of un fitness related things. I am an avid YouTube watcher, and recently quite obsessed with Lydia Millen. I saw on her blog that she does a monthly roundup of all her favourite new finds, and absolutely loved the concept, so here’s mine! Spoiler alert – it’s not really that sport specific at all!

First up is the By Terry CC Serum, which I am absolutely loving. I don’t wear foundation, so this is a nice, light alternative which gives me a bit of a glow (very needed in winter!) and feels super lovely on my face. It’s pretty expensive, but I do think it’s worth investing when it’s a product which goes on your face!

Next is my custom Goal Planner by Papier. I am absolutely obsessed with stationary and writing to-do lists to help organise my chaotic life (and mind), so this is perfect. It has daily to-do lists, monthly goals, most important lists and even shopping lists, plus it comes in so many different cute designs. I also got a notebook for journaling.

I am not hugely high maintenance when it comes to beauty treatments, I basically only get my hair cut twice per year and never die it… but I do love having my nails done. Gel nails make me feel like I have my shit together, when the rest of me is usually a sweaty mess! Obviously we’re not currently able to go to a salon (COVID), so this Mylee nail lamp has been ideal!

Annoyingly I haven’t got this bike rack up yet from Stasdock, but I can’t wait and feel like it’s going to transform my small flat, making my messy bike corner look like a work of art on the wall! I love that it has space for my shoes and helmet too!

I got this Neom¬†‘time to sleep’ kit for Christmas and I absolutely love it! It smells so good and really does make me feel like I have a better nights sleep (even if it’s just placebo!)

Let me know if you purchase any of these products, would love to know your thoughts! (All of these have been purchased by myself and are not sponsored!)

Em x

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