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New Balance Womens W690RD4 V4 Speed Lightweight Running Shoes Review

March 7, 2017

Buying new trainers is such a toughy, do you stick to what you know or be adventurous? The problem is, everyone has different feat and a different running style – it’s important to remember that and not just pick something because someone had an Instagram in them/ they look really comfy!

I don’t often run on the road so it’s rare for me to buy new roadies – they seem to last me and only come out for races, tempo runs or if I’m in the city for a weekend.

I tried and tested the New Balance 690 V4 trainers recently for a tempo run so I thought I would do a little review to give you my insight! First of all I just want to get the aesthetics out of the way – they are a lovely looking trainer! Very sleek (not like my usual clumpy choice), and the colour is great.

The trainer features the IMEVA foam platform, which is firm and has better ground contact – they feel really light and these aspects really forced me onto my toes (I’m a notorious heel striker)! The 8mm drop is great for any neutral runners in particular.

Considering the trainers are light and made with some mesh, the V4’s are renowned for their impressive durability, with a rubber outsole which protects the shoe from wear and tear.

I would go a size up when ordering this model, I am a 4 in most shoes and these felt very snug for me, so that’s something to think about if you decide to try a pair. My only other critique would be that the platform wasn’t as flexible as I would normally like – I have a really high in-step so it can be quite uncomfortable for me.

One of the biggest perks of these trainers has to be the price tag – MandM Direct can have you saving up to 75% on brands like New Balance, perfect if you want to keep trying out new trainers without spending a fortune!

You can find my trainers here:

Em x

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