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Noosa Triathlon 2015

November 1, 2015

Typical of the Young’s to end up in Noosa the exact same weekend as the Noosa Triathlon having had no idea it was on! As you can imagine this was quite a nice surprise, even if slightly annoying that I hadn’t known to enter.

The race took place on the Sunday but the whole expo, lead up and excitement all starts on the Friday, (even if you aren’t competing!). My dad and me started our Friday the way we like to, with a big long hilly run before planning to hit the expo. The run ended up being exceptionally good, we saw Koala’s, Cockatoo’s, oh, and WE RAN WITH FLICK ABRAM!! Flick had stopped on the trail to chat to someone, which gave us the opportunity to realise that the fast, lean blonde girl in front of us had been her. Once she started again, I ran back towards her and asked if she wouldn’t mind if my dad snapped us running together, which she was more then happy to do! I might add that before she answered me she actually said ‘ are you from Yorkshire?! I can tell’ – standard!

She not only posed for some photos, but also continued to run with us (I’m sure it must have been painfully slow for her), for about 2 or 3 miles! This was such an epic start to our 12-mile run, which was absolutely beautiful and very tough. Running in Noosa has been my favourite.

When we got to the expo I ended up having the best massage I’ve ever had! The guy knew just from toughing my leg that my hip flexors were ridiculously tight, and from my legs that my back was tight (I had been practicing pull up’s the day before!). It was slightly indulgent to get a massage when we weren’t even competing, but I felt after the big run it was far too tempting not to!

Obviously I wanted EVERYTHING from Asics, the new Kayano 22’s are an absolute dream! Then I wanted everything from every stall afterwards! I managed to stock up on some Skins which ended up being ridiculously cheap here, perfect! I walked past a stand and recognised a tri suit that I had seen when stalking Flick Abram’s Instagram that she had designed. After mooching around the stand, the lady working turned to me and asked if I was the runner this morning with Flick, it turned out the owner of Dare to Tri, the brand I was looking at, is her Mum!

I also feel it’s worth mentioning that I won a new chocolate coconut flavoured Clif bar by playing rock, paper, scissors!

The day of the Tri ended up being gloriously sunny. My dad and me got up early to run down to the start and watch the swim. Highlight was seeing Moffy and Char Mcshane out of the swim and heading to T1. After the pro’s were out the swim we headed out for another beautiful Noosa run into the national park. Post run we returned to watch the first few finishers and recover an acai granola bowl, courtesy of Noosa Juicer.

The whole of Noosa is supportive of the tri, I’ve never participated/spectated one with an atmosphere as good as this one! Olympic distance isn’t what I’m working towards, but I fully intend to come back and take part in this one at some point in the future!

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