September 19, 2017

Gut issues seem to be something that so many people suffer with, and often don’t even realise they’re ‘suffering’, it feels normal to feel bad.

I spent years thinking it was normal to go to toilet once a week (sorry TMI), and be always bloated after eating. Doctors visits always resulted in me being told to ‘eat more fibre’ and even to ‘eat less fibre’ to help the situation.

I recently cAme to realise after numerous tests, the problem is actually likely due to food intolerances. I am intolerant to any form of dairy, and most grains except from quinoa and gluten free oats (yes, I’m even intolerant to gluten free grains such as rice and buckwheat!)

These foods have been regular staples in my diet for as long as I can remember – there’s no wonder my gut has never felt healthy!

Anyway, I thought I would right a little post to share my tips on how to manage your gut issues, and keep it as healthy as possible.

Invest in a good probiotic

Symprove has changed my life (slightly dramatic, but it’s played a huge positive affect on my gut health, which impacts my overall health!)

The bacteria in Symprove are alive and activated before they enter the body which means they can get straight to work in the small intestines. I take this every day without fail!

Drink lots of water

Water helps break down your food so that your body can absorb the nutrients and prevent constipation.

Reduce your stress

I know – easier said then done. When stress becomes chronic it can become a real issue to your gut, decreasing the blood flow to the intestines, slowing nutrient absorption, and even change how the bacteria in your gut functions.

Eat and drink foods that improve digestion

My favourites include: Sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, miso, kombucha

Find out foods that you are intolerant to

Just because something is healthy, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for YOUR body. I have recently found out that I am actually intolerant to a lot of ‘healthy’ foods that I eat on a daily basis!

Em x

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