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Training at Club La Santa

July 19, 2016

7 weeks out from Ironman Vichy, we decided we deserved some sunny training without the pressure of work and general life to fit it around!

I have heard tons of people mention training weeks at Club La Santa, not to mention seen many people about cycling in their branded shorts. We decided going to a complex that was suited to athletes would be a slightly easier way to get our training in, as well as keep the rest of the family entertained.

It isn’t exactly a luxurious relaxing holiday if that’s what you’re after – everywhere you look someone is running, biking, swimming, squatting, high jumping or whatever other sporty activity they could possibly find to do! We (being me and my dad) often seem like the two nutcases that may look slightly obsessed, but there’s absolutely no danger of that at Club La Santa.

Training (from a triathlon perspective)

The complex has three 50m outdoor pools just a short walk away from all of the apartments – I actually swam more this week then ever before just because they were so inviting and convenient! – Pull buoys, flippers and paddles etc. are all free to rent too.

There is a running track (far too speedy/flat for me), but the complex is surrounded by soft and hilly sandy trails, which made perfect for some longer running. This week was my first week properly back running after 10 weeks off with a stress fracture and it felt so good to see some hills! La Santa do some organised trail runs as well as track sessions for anyone who wants to go in a group!

Cycling here was TOUGH! The words I would use to describe Lanzarote are hilly and windy, SO windy! Bike hire is included in your accommodation fee so we spent some days on the trails with mountain bikes, some days on the roads, then paid a little extra for our bigger weekend ride to rent some carbon bikes. This was so convenient and saves the hassle and cost of flying your bike out with you. The wind really is crazy here so definitely made for some tough rides, but the views from some of the climbs are well worth the trip.

There’s a gym on site with everything you could want, plus an outdoor gym area. It was really convenient coming in from a run and having a place to go stretch and foam roll – I actually did this for once!

IMG_7883 IMG_7847 IMG_7835 IMG_7738IMG_7759

The food

There is a supermarket at La Santa which has the biggest sports nutrition section, as well as everything else you might need if you decide to self cater from your apartment, this was really handy if we were training before the breakfasts started.

Everyday I ate more food at the breakfast sitting then a person needs in a whole week! It was a buffet, which is very dangerous for me! There are options for everyone from oats and yogurt, cooked breakfast, bread selection, sweet selection and lots and lots of fruit; I think I ate Lanzarote out of melon.

For lunch we actually didn’t go anywhere but the pool bar, I became addicted to the smoothies and salads. There are so many healthy salad options to choose from, as well as pizza, sandwiches, pasta etc.


For dinner there are a few restaurants to choose from, some more casual then others! All of which have healthy and not so healthy options, with plenty to suit vegans/vegetarians too!

I would love to go back and train here in the winter months when I think less families will be around, I really would recommend it to anyone wanting to get away for a good week of convenient training!

Em x

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