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Winter favourites – Christmas activewear Inspo

November 10, 2017

So the Christmas countdown is most definitely on! It’s not too early in November is it!? I decided I would put together a round up of all my current favourite active wear pieces, maybe you can find some inspiration for Christmas presents, because a gal can never have too much activewear!

New Balance Cruz Fresh Foam trainers from MandM Direct

So I am OBSESSED with these trainers, they are my current gym pair, but also double up as my casual shoe choice.

I always wear black so they go with everything. I usually wear Boosts and I was well overdue a new pair, but I actually couldn’t justify the cost this time (normally I could but I am trying to be super savey at the moment!). Finding these made the decision pretty easy – they’re just as nice, comfortable and waay more bank balance friendly!


Sweaty Betty Powers

So obviously I am an ambassador for Sweaty Betty and quite literally live in it and love everything, but these are a particular favourite at the moment.

I normally opt for Zero’s as my leggings of choice, but I have found a new found LOVE for Power’s! The colour of these is beautiful and so perfect for Autumn/Wimter… I also think the Power style is really flattering.


Puma Burn Out Sheer Hoodie from MandM Direct

I am all about layering now the weather is turning, so this is perfect! Because it’s sheer you can still see whatever cute gym top you’re wearing underneath, and its light enough to train in without getting too hot and sweaty! I love anything cropped to go with my high-waisted leggings, so this is perfect!


Sweaty Betty Drift base layers

These are without a doubt the most comfy, beautiful thermals I have ever seen, and so versatile! I have already used as a casual top, a thermal for cycling, it’s obviously a ski top and it’s also just great to stay warm when walking!


Sweaty Betty Upbeat Padded Workout Bra

I don’t have a large chest so this is great for me (it’s classed as medium support), I wear it for both running/HIT and weight training. I am quite fussy about sports bra’s but this is the one I seem to always go back to, and I have it in just about every colour! I love the back detail and the zip at the front.


Em x

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