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Yummy chocolate Pie

January 28, 2015

I know lots of people who are put off healthy alternatives to puddings just because they presume they aren’t going to be as sweet or tasty. Anyone who has tried this chocolate pie will definitely agree that it couldn’t get much sweeter! I love to experiment, and came up with this to take to a BBQ in the Summer.

If I am making something sweet I love to include dates into the recipe! Dates have so many nutritional benefits and are such a good source of energy, natural sugar and fibre.. things your average pie from Tesco won’t offer. From a more practical point, dates are also a great way to hold ingredients together!

The base of this pie is gluten, dairy and sugar free! Simply blend together 2 cups of dates, 3 cups of ground almonds, and tbs of honey! Once all the mixture is pressed into the baking tin and in the oven I just waited until it went a nice golden colour and started to make the kitchen smell delicious. The filling is a blended mixture of 2 frozen bananas, half an avocado, 1/2 cup of dates, 2 tbs of cocoa powder and a tbs of almond butter, and left to set in the fridge.. decorate with fruit and nuts of your choice!



Em x

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