4 Triathlon hacks for newbies on race day!

June 1, 2017

If you’re thinking of entering a triathlon (do it, do it, do it), or have already taken the plunge and have one lined up – I decided to pass on some simple triathlon hacks I have picked up over the last few years.

I frequently get messages (usually about a week before in utter panic) from people who have decided to do their first tri, generally someone convinced them it would be a good idea (probably after 1 or 5 gins), or they have been encouraged into it to do some good for charity! Either way, it’s usually the same advice I pass on.

What to wear

This is a totally un-fashion related question and completely practical, because whatever you wear – you’re probably going to look stupid, unless you make goggles, helmets and unflattering lycra look good.

So first thing first, is it open-water? If so, then you’re going to need to invest in a wetsuit. Under your wetsuit (it’s very frowned upon in transition if one is nude underneath) you either need a tri suit, or tri top and shorts. I make that decision on the length of the race – if it’s long distance and you’re going to be having toilet stops, then top and shorts are much more efficient.

So that’s hack numero uno – don’t wear a tri suit if you’re going to need to wee!


Lock- laces are a life-saver. Ok, not quite a life-saver but definitely a 60 second in transition and possibly another minute or so mid-run when your lace comes un-done. Admittedly I’m also really bad at tying laces (I still do bunny ears and it takes forever) – so I do kinda love these.


If you’re doing an open water race you will soon realise that your time all comes down to how quickly you can get a wet-suit off. Not entirely true, but it can really eat up into your T1 time.

Lather up your wrists and ankles (and neck, to stop chafing) with Vaseline so it slides off you much easier – also preventing any dislocated shoulders in the process.


Not just for the ‘gram – take photos of all your things before you go into transition. This is so when you can no longer enter transition and you’ve convinced yourself you have forgotten your trainers, you can check the picture and put your mind at rest.

Let me know how you get on and if you have anymore to add to the list!

Em x

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