Athlete Lab

June 1, 2015

So by far my best find in London has been Athlete Lab on Canon Street! This is not like any ‘spin class’ you have ever been to.

London does have some incredibly fun and energetic spin classes that are sure to work up a sweat, but from a cyclist perspective I cant help but think half the time the instructor has never even been on a road bike and that the training will by no means help towards any cycling goals. I mean, when you find yourself in a headwind uphill tough situation, are you really gonna be glad you did those bicep curls whilst on the stationary bike? I doubt it. Are you gonna be glad you ‘ sprinted uphill ‘ (?!) to Beyonce? – probably ’cause Beyonce is always for the better, but you get what I mean!

That is until I discovered Athlete Lab. There is no question that these guys have been on a bike, even catering to national level athletes. It is a unique class that involves real bikes with proper groupsets, getting measured up for my stationary bike felt more legit then when I got fitted for my real bike! – I even left with my obligatory embarrassing chainring tattoo.

It involves a bit of science to measure progress, can automatically link it to your strava, and will send the data to you after every session, thanks for that Athlete Lab, I am now 110% certain that neglecting the bike this winter has been a VERY bad idea.

I picked the ‘HIIT HURT BOX’ which is an hour long and consisted of interval training at high resistance and maintaining cadence between intervals and ‘recovery’ blocks. It really did hurt, and I have already been back which proves it must be good, endurance athletes seem to be drawn towards pain I swear!?
I was so impressed with the service, the guy running the training session made sure to provide me with a towel and re-fill the water bottle that they provided. I was faced with a line of powerful fans to keep me as comfortable as possible whilst enduring the ‘Hurt Box’ – please note, you will still leave like a sweaty mess despite their efforts.

If you are a cyclist, triathlete, interested in learning some bike skills without risking your life on the roads in central London, or just fancy a watching The Giro on big screen then I couldnt recommend this place enough!

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Em x

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