August Training Update!

August 25, 2015

So as you may have guessed.. I am back in good old Yorkshire, with more time of my hands and plenty of hills at my disposal, living the dream really!

I have been back all of August, and finally my training is back to where it should be, for now. My Iron Man training doesn’t start until October, so I am slowly building back and ticking over at around 8-13 hours a week, consisting of 2 runs, 2 bikes, 3/4 gym sessions and the occasional swim – (I’m being very swim lazy!)

I have been doing a weekly hilly trail run that is around 6 miles, a weekend longer run around 13 miles, a mid week ride of 30 miles, a weekend ride of 50-70 miles, and then the rest. I am finding it really tricky to get my bike fitness back, and then struggling on my run’s from being tired from the bike! Although  I am super duper happy to be back and I am so enjoying it despite my current fitness state.. It will come right? I hope so considering Lanzarote Marathon may well be on the cards for early December.

I am also really excited by my current Gym regime. It is probably the most I have done in the gym for a fair few years and it’s really good to challenge myself in a different way, and also build the strength that is going to compliment my other sports, (at the minute I am living with never ending DOMS and waddling from squats that I aren’t quite used to). I have been using Latus Training and having one on one sessions around 3 times a week, It isn’t just going to the gym and throwing around a few weights, I feel like I am being pushed every time I go and doing a range of things that will make me a better athlete.. and hopefully make me look like one too!?

Hopefully by the end of next month my body will have realised that were now back to the grind and it’s only going to be getting a lot more intense!

Em x


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