Barre training – why you should be doing it

February 22, 2018

Barre is a combination of movements/a workout inspired by Pilates, Ballet and strength training – the perfect full-body, low-impact workout that improves posture, flexibility and strength.

We focus on isometric contractions (position holds & balances), performing high repetitions of small movements, working the big muscles into a deep ‘burn’! Peachy bums are a sure result from these sessions.

Barre isn’t just the perfect way to create a toned, lean ballerina body, but it’s also a very practical way to improve strength and prevent injury during other forms of training/sport. Isometric movements isolate and target specific muscles – especially great for improving strength for runners’ lower body and core.

Performing high rep (20+) and low-weight exercises target the slow-twitch muscles, which helps to increase endurance, as well as strengthening muscles without straining tendons and ligaments – one reason I am especially pro-barre as someone who does long distance triathlon!

You don’t need any previous ballet/dance experience to come and try Barre, it’s accessible to everyone! Get in touch if you would like a one-to-one/small group private session, or come to my classes at LATUS Training!

Em x



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