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Cryotherapy for recovery

October 16, 2017

Since suffering with a big injury last year I am all about keeping on top of recovery and doing anything I can to prevent anymore!

I practice Pilates frequently to focus on my strength, flexibility and mobility, I regularly see physios for an ‘MOT’ check-up, and I foam roll pretty much everyday, with the occasional sports massage thrown in. So when I heard about Chill Cryotherapy coming to Hull, I was definitely keen to try it!

Whole body Cryotherapy is the action of exposing the body to temperatures ranging from -110 to -190 degrees stimulating the metabolism, injury recovery, sports performance and general wellness (what it says on the tin!) It reduces inflammation, speeds up the muscle recovery process and encourages the body to heal itself.

So basically all I had to do was stand in a huge container (head poking out) and turn around as it got seriously, seriously cold for 3 minutes! By the last minute my legs were really feeling the chill!

I picked a good day to try it – my legs were in bits after racing 2 days beforehand… I really felt a difference the moment I stepped out (and re-gained feeling in my legs!), some of the really painful knots had gone after just 3 minutes. My legs were still sore but the treatment made a significant difference, and it’s definitely something I would add into my recovery process post a big race.

Has anyone else tried it?

Em x

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