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Dubai Training Guide

March 10, 2022

I’ve been to dubai a few times and I have to say, I usually spend 80% of my time in the country drunk and at beach clubs/restaurants. However, I recently had the opportunity to go as support crew for friends racing the 70.3, which meant it was an equal split of training and beach clubs… so here we are with my guide to training in dubai. 

First up, despite the fact that there’s so many great places to train, I would say it’s not the most practical. You definitely need a car or to be mentally prepared to pay for cabs everyday – we did the cabs and it’s convenient enough with Uber, but you obviously have to factor in the costs. 


When it comes to cycling, (especially if you live in London) can you imagine anything dreamier than 90km of traffic free cycling track? 

Head to Al Quadra cycling track for a 50km loop in the desert + 18km of cycling out to it. At the car park there’s also a cafe, cycle shop, showers and lock up. There’s everything you could possibly want and it means you have the perfect opportunity to do intervals, practice being aero and probably build strength against the wind at some point. 

Cons? Once you get over how epic it is without cars and the novelty of the desert… it’s very flat, a little boring and there’s no water stops throughout the 50km loop – so make sure to take plenty out with you. 

We also headed to Nad Al Sheba – this also has everything you could possibly want pre/post ride including someone to wash your bike and service it… cafes galore (delicious ones!) and a shop full of things you want! It’s only a 6 mile loop – this gets boring quick but it also means it’s easy to as much or as little as you like. 


If you want a track session, head to Dubai Sports City Sports Park and hook up with Inner Fight Endurance. Disclosure – I didn’t do this, but i did join them for a Cross Fit class and the track session sounded epic. 

For a fast, flat run up to 13 miles… head to the palm and literally run it there and back. We were staying at C Central so this ended up being the perfect location for my intervals.

If you want something more forgiving for your longer run, head to Jumeriah beach and use the run track there, which even has the distance written on it!


FitRepublik Fitness Centre is a great option for swimming + gym’ing! You will have to check the schedule for the best time to go, but this worked perfectly to get our sessions in. You could also just swim in the sea… but it was a little cold for my liking! 


As mentioned above, FitRepublik gym looked incredible, and I absolutely loved (read as: I almost died but it was fantastic) the Cross Fit class at Inner Fight! I didn’t manage to get to any classes, but I know Dubai has Barry’s and Unit1 which I am familiar with from London are also in Dubai, so definitely worth a visit if you fancy a class.

I definitely hope to head back to Dubai so can hopefully add to this list, but do let me know in the comments if you have some more! 

Em x


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