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Equation Escapes – fitness retreat!

November 28, 2019

Just recently, I had the pleasure of having my first fitness retreat experience with Equation Escapes in Grenada, Spain. I’ve done a few tri camps and training holidays… but never an organised or dedicated ‘fitness retreat’ – spoiler alert… I’m a fan!

It’s obviously “off-season” for me, which meant a fitness orientated trip with no swim/bike/run involved was pretty appealing for a change, plus a good way to get me back into training after Kona!

So what exactly did it involve?

Everyday we had the option of a morning yoga class, starting at 8am. I’m not exactly a yogi, but I do really enjoy it when I go. It was such a lovely way to start the day… and a really good way to minimise the DOMS after the training sessions (which my body wasn’t used to).

Post yoga, we helped ourselves to breakfast – a really good spread of things to make your own yogurt/protein/granola/oat bowls, plus freshly made fruit smoothies and a few days with pancakes or porridge.

We had lots of time to chill.. which we spent watching the Rugby World Cup in our huge luxurious lounge. I forgot to mention… we stayed in a pad that would look appropriate to be featured on MTV cribs – it was insane!!

Workout 1 was usually a CrossFit inspired, fitness workout – I really enjoyed this as it’s such a change from my usual training. Charlie and Nate (the brains and muscles behind Equation) always made it like a team workout, which was super nice and way more motivating!

Post workout 1 we usually had a bit of time to cool off in the pool, shower, walk or chill before lunch. You didn’t have to do any of the workouts either, so you could have done your own alternative at this point.

Lunch… where to even start with lunch. Equation brought out a chef, (arguably the worlds best chef), I genuinely ate like a Queen for a week and had some of the best meals I have ever eaten! HOW can someone make a sandwich taste so good!? I’m not sure… but Mallet (the founder of The Cornish Lunchbox) somehow managed to make a simple sandwich taste out of this world. I’ve never thought to put sweet potato inside a sandwich before, but I can confirm it is definitely a YES.

Again, we had more time to chill/work/explore or watch movies in our very own cinema room. The villa also had x2 pools (indoor and outdoor), so there was never a moment to be bored.

In the afternoon we had the choice to opt into another workout – this ranged from fitness workouts, hikes, and even a gymnastic lesson. All workouts where so much fun and challenging – I literally enjoyed every single one.

Every night apart from one (where we ventured into the city and explored/ate and drank out), we had the pleasure of Mallet’s cooking for us. Dinner was exceptional – always about 5 different dishes to add to our plates and each one amazing. The team also made fresh delicious cocktails every night and gave us the option of beer and wine if we wanted it (such a nice addition to a ‘fitness’ retreat!)

Equation was the type of retreat you could turn up to alone without knowing anyone (I think some people did), as it attracted the friendliest people, and the workouts/meals and chill time meant we all got involved together as a group. I really enjoyed the flexibility of it – it definitely felt like a holiday and not an intense camp with people telling me what to do.

If you’re tempted to go on a fitness retreat… I fully encourage! Thank you to Equation Escapes for a fabulous experience, I will definitely be coming back!

Em x


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