Eventful Sunday Cycle

April 2, 2014

Sundays ride this weekend turned out to be one of the most eventful yet. It involved donkeys, trains, buses and the AA, all within 40 miles.

My brother had a rugby tournament in Selby which my dad is usually expected to attend, despite his training schedule. Adaptable as ever, me my dad and boyfriend decided to bike to the rugby game, with the option of a lift home with my mum afterwards or bike back if we fancied a longer ride.

Half way to Selby me and Ollie realised there was no obligation for us to go watch, so why not make the route to Howden and enjoy a nice second breakfast in a popular cafe; The Cheese Shop, before biking home. Eating my scrambled egg on toast and enjoying my black coffee i was glad we had opted for this route.


Barely 2 miles ride from the cafe my¬†derailleur decided to snap apart from my bike- not ideal with no one to pick us up! I called my dad who was ready to drive from Selby in Mum’s car, to then drop me off at the nearest train station for me to head home. This would have been a fine plan until my Dad managed to lock the car keys in the boot of the car before he had left the rugby pitch. The only positive at this point was the donkey farm that we were stranded right next to..


We managed to hitch-hike a free lift from a kind bus driver who promised to take us to the nearest train station, only to then be dropped off 2 miles away from it! After a long walk carrying a bike and wearing cleats on our shoes we finally arrived at the station (good practice if i ever decide to enter a cyclocross).

IMG_3582 IMG_3589

After a short train journey we finally arrived back, beating my Mum and Dad who had to sit and wait for the AA to rescue them. It managed to be the shortest ride to Howden by my Garmin’s standards, but the longest one i’ve got to date.



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