Evivliv Advanced Pro 1 Disk review

May 12, 2019

“Built to go faster, EnviLiv delivers an Advanced-grade composite frame where stiffness is the number one priority. With highly aerodynamic tubing and aggressive positioning, maximum power transfer on this machine propels you faster than ever before. Extraordinary fork lateral stiffness and the unrivalled stopping power of aerodynamic disc brakes stack up for precise cornering control and stability. Liv’s 3F-designed frame aims to give women their optimal weapon with an unbeatable forward force. An integrated aero handlebar and stem, tubeless wheel system with 28C tyre clearance, and aero tubing features will punch through rolling hills, literally slice through the wind, and sprint ahead of the pack.”

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this bike? Not the incredible spec or aerodynamics (totally not going to pretend I even understand how good this bike is), but the colour! It’s so beautiful and literally sparkles!

I frequently get asked for advice on bikes and I’m pleased I’ve finally got my hands on the type that I recommend the most. You see, most people that get in touch with me are just getting into triathlon… so not necessarily out and out cyclists. Why does it matter you ask? Bikes are all different and not just because of the colours.

If you’re getting into triathlon and you’re only investing in one bike for everything… than this is where the Enviliv takes the stage! It’s super aero, meaning it’s nice and fast, it’s light for hills, but it’s also not too aggressive as a TT bike (the Avow) so can be ridden for all kinds of rides and sportives without causing issue to those you’re riding with.


I haven’t even had a bike fit for this new ride yet, but it’s still ridiculously comfortable considering how ‘race-ready’ it looks. It feels as fast as it looks to ride too!

I will still be racing on my Avow in Kona this year, but this is definitely the bike for hillier races where the TT bike would be a little on the heavy side. This would have also been amazing to have used on Red Bull Time Laps where TT bikes were not allowed!

Right now, it’s the perfect bike to train on over the summer months, I would highly recommend anyone to join the Enviliv gang!

Em x

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  • Reply Kerry Brennand January 8, 2021 at 6:25 pm

    Hi Emily,

    Please could you contact me I am looking at purchasing my next road bike, currently have a specialised dolce. I am looking at Liv Avail, Langma or the Enviliv! Feeling overwhelmed.

    I ride almost daily average 35miles, wanting to move to the next level with my cycling so faster and comfortable for longer rides!

    Many thanks

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