January 11, 2019

Probably the biggest purchase you will make throughout your triathlon journey will be your bike(s) – and there’s SO many decisions to be made about what’s the best option to go for. Do you want a tri bike, or a road? Do you want Di2 gears? Disk brakes? How much do you want to spend?

You might not even know what some of those things are (that’s totally okay.)

When I first started riding and doing a few triathlon races, I was riding a men’s cyclocross bike that was about 2 sizes too big – It wasn’t the best, but it did get me through a fair few miles before I finally upgraded to something that fit!

5 years into my triathlon journey, and I’ve seriously upscaled. Now I get to choose whether I race on a road bike (and add tri bars), or on my very aero, speedy looking triathlon bike. Options are great but they also cause dilemmas… which is best for what race?

If you are completely new to triathlon (and maybe cycling in general), then it can be a difficult decision to make. I thought I could help with a few different options and a little about them – I’m sorry that you’re going to want ALL the bikes after reading this post! Also if it’s not obvious, all of these bikes are by Liv! :

  1. Avail – this could be a good range to look at for someone who is just starting out. There are lots of price points within this range and you can have aluminium or carbon within this. The Avail is our most comfortable road bike that is recommend and has the least aggressive riding position. This would be a good option for any distance less that a half. The 2019 range starts at £599 with the Avail 2.
  2. Langma – this is out lightest option and super speedy and great for climbing, cornering and descending. The Langma was built as a racing machine. This has a slightly more aggressive riding position than the Avail range has which means it is a little less comfortable for someone who might just be starting out on a bike. The starting price for this range is £1,299 with the Langma Advanced 3.  I ride the Langma Pro Disk and it is without a doubt the most comfortable bike I have ever sat on! I don’t race on this one (or haven’t so far), but I feel super speedy and sturdy going up hills on training rides!
  3. EnivLiv – this is range is very aero, more so than the Avail or Langma and has a more aggressive riding position again. For people signing up for a half Ironman distance or above this would be a good option to look at. If someone is looking at the lower end of this range, there are upgrades that they can add on to the bike such a race wheels and TT bars. I think this is a good option if you want just one bike that you can ride all of the time, but still race at a good and competitive level!
  4. Avow – a lot of people looking at triathlons immediately assume that they need a bike like the Avow to race on but for people signing up for their first triathlon this wouldn’t necessarily be the best option as it has a very aggressive riding position making it less comfortable for the average rider. I started to race on this by my third year of triathlon… and it’s still slightly intimidating when I haven’t been out on a while! That being said, I am absolutely in love with this bike!

Hopefully you find this helpful and not more confusing… apologies for probably making you want to spend all of your savings on bikes, I feel your pain! Let me know if you get any of these and tag me in new bike day pictures J

Em x

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