gruesome twosome race re-cap

October 16, 2017

I so rarely race that I have little experience of races not going to plan! I don’t thrive off the adrenaline… I actually dislike the stress and would way rather train then race!

Before I start training for my next Ironman, I thought I would tick off another goal and train for my first ultra, which is approaching far too quickly! In the meantime, Dad and me decided to enter the Gruesome Twosome as a training run and a bit of fun… we’re both quite competitive so I think deep down we actually thought we would smash it!

The Gruesome Twosome is a hilly, muddy, trail half marathon that you have to do as a pair… we had done it a few years ago and had fun, so we thought we would do it gain, but unfortunately, it didn’t go to plan and we certainly didn’t smash it!

The race starts with about a half of a mile before you suddenly get onto a single line track… we took ‘get to the front to avoid being stuck behind slow people’ FAR too literally. Dad and me were stuck running with the top 10-15 people… sprinting up some very big hills on tricky terrain! I felt like I couldn’t drop the pace because I was wedged between some seriously speedy people and I didn’t want to slow anyone down.

2 miles in (this is about to get VERY embarrassing), I could vaguely hear the guy behind me asking if I was okay – apparently my body was reacting as badly as it felt! The next thing I knew I was on all fours about to pass out (yes, I was also doing this without realising that I was still in the middle of the single-line track!) Then the medical attention comes and after a few minutes I can finally focus my vision and concentrate again…. What the hell!!? How could I possibly be in this state after JUST 2 MILES!!?!

After a very embarrassing episode on the floor for god knows how long, and god knows how many people running past ahead of us, I was finally ready to start again!

The next 6 miles went much more smoothly until Dad’s injury decided to rear it’s head… he suffered for the next 5 miles and was brought to a complete and proper limp for the whole of the last mile!

Finally we hobbled over the finish line, 10 minutes slower then the last time we raced it (despite the fact that since then between us we have put in multiple Ironman’s, marathon’s and ultras!), with a real hit to our ego’s!

*I just want to take this time to say that Gruesome Twosome is actually a fab race, and super well organised! Despite it all I did find some moments to enjoy it and it was a beautiful day (bit hot for running, but I can hardly use that s my excuse!)

So…. In conclusion, I’ve decided that bad races are good training days! Digging deep (sounds dramatic for the distance but I have never felt so bad!) and carrying on when you’re suffering is essential miles in the bank when you need to dig deep in future races or training days. It makes you stronger mentally, and also teaches you things you will and wont do for other races!

Has anyone else had a bad race day like this? Let me know in the comments!

Em x



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