Have you lost your ‘running mojo’?

March 8, 2017

Since my injury last year I just haven’t felt like a runner. Before, I was a runner that did triathlons – or that’s how I felt anyway, running was the only aspect that I felt relatively good at, confident at.

I couldn’t actually tell you what it is that’s different, I’m not in any pain and my injury has well cleared up, I shouldn’t be any less fit (if anything, I should be fitter), but my body doesn’t go through the running motion as comfortably as it once did.

Despite my frustration, running will always be my favourite – and I’m determined to feel good about it again! If you have been through something similar, or have just lost your running mojo – here’s my advice….

Get strong – get strong in the lower abdominals, gluteus and adductors, these are the muscles that help when running and avoiding injury! Maybe your run doesn’t feel right because, for whatever reason, these muscles aren’t working right.

Cross-train – If your run isn’t feeling great then substitute some for some biking, swimming, rowing…. Whatever you fancy that still works the cardiovascular system.

Build back up – don’t stress about how hard 6 miles feels when you could comfortably do 18 a few months back! Start your mileage small and slowly increase, just like you would have when you first started, your body will thank you for it.

Don’t stress and compare – stop overthinking how un run fit you are compared to this time next year, chances are it’s all in your head! Even if it isn’t, worrying about it is only going to make your run’s all the more rigid and less enjoyable!

Try out some new trainers – okay so this one might not only help on a practical level, new kit is exciting too and makes you feel like Mo Farah on the first run you test them on!

Em x

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