Hill training in Derbyshire

March 15, 2019

Recently I have taken a bit of a career risk – I’m finally perusing my passion of sports photography/videography and have gone back freelance to do so. I’m using every opportunity I can to learn and create opportunities to make this full-time… which is basically just me getting to do what I love and calling it work.

My dad, who is currently training for Marathon Mont Blanc had planned a training day up in Castleton (it’s not far from Sheffield), and asked if I wanted to join. I haven’t really been running recently but I can’t ever resist hills, and it was also a perfect opportunity to get some adventure shots!

Somehow my dad found a route via Instagram, which you can find here: 


When there’s sections called “Ankle snapper” and climbs of 2kft, you know it’s not exactly going to be a walk in the park… and would probably be best to do when you’re fit!


 (shot on GoPro)

It was a tough day – I haven’t ran farther than 6 miles since my last Ironman over 3 months ago, and this was 13 with a loooooot of climbing involved, but it was amazing. I feel like it’s given me my ‘run bug’ back and now I’m desperate to get back out on some running adventures!

Here are some of the shots I got:


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