Home running at Christmas and Solomon Speed Cross

January 8, 2015

Anyone who know’s me is aware how much I love going home and how much I hate London in terms of training. I had 2 weeks booked off work (used up all of my holiday allowance because Christmas at home is SO worth it!) I started off the first weekend with the perfect cross country, cold yorkshire run with my dad and some of the guys I normally run with.

Santa must have noticed that my trusty trail Asics have done too many miles, they’ve now inherited a huge rip across the toes, and are definately not any kind of recognisable shade of purple anymore.. just brown. Sure enough on Christmas day, despite the collection of fab gifts purchased on my Harrods discount, my new Salomon Speed Cross 3’s (pink, of course) were my favourite present by far! accompanied by a new running outfit too.

To anyone who runs on the trails, I cannot recommend enough. Christmas day training is off limits, so I made sure to fit in a quick run the next day,before heading up to Newcastle for boxing day fun. I picked the perfect day to test, the trails being thick and churned sloppy mud.. not a problem! Not my usual one step forward, three back, calves aching, arms out, bamby on ice stretch of the run, the Solomon’s grip the trails perfectly.

Not only practical, look how pretty they are!


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