HOVR Machina review

March 2, 2020

If you’re a blog follower and not up to date on my socials… you may have missed the part when I moved to London, meaning I’ve had to say goodbye to trails on my doorstep, and switch in a fair few roadie runs! It’s been a shock to the system (and legs), and also meant some big changes for my trainer wardrobe.

My road trainers previously only really got an outing when a race was coming up, so it’s been interesting to rack up some decent mileage and test out some new kicks around South West London roads!

My trainers of choice have been the new Under Armour HOVR Machinas – a well cushioned, light and neutral shoe with 8mm drop.

I’m not generally one to obsess over the details of a shoe, I love zero drop and I also love my trail trainers with 6-8mm… so long as they feel comfortable, I’m not too fussed. That being said, these are the first pair of trainers that bring with them some data that got me excited.

The Machinas connect to your phone, your phone literally detects the exact shoe and colour combination, which is pretty cool. With that comes a personal and real-time running coach (this can be turned off or ignored until post-run), which feeds back data to you on your running and where you can and should adapt things like cadence.

The app gives you your stride length, cadence, pace and your foot impact, such as how much you’re heel/toe striking! Despite not normally one to be driven or excited by data, I’m currently a little obsessed with looking at the feedback and determining what happens to my cadence/foot strike on runs where I feel more tired or tight – I figure this is a great way to keep track of/avoid or pin-point causes of potential niggles, especially as mileage creeps up for ultra-training!

Aside from the data and comfort, the colour really can’t be ignored… they look cool AF when paired with an all-black outfit, so they’re a big yes from me!


Em x






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