Iron Man Austria 2016… AHH!

July 2, 2015

Since going to watch my Dad’s first Iron Man at Bolton It has been like a constant itch that I am beyond excited/nervous and desperate to scratch! I watched my Dad train for the event and often joined in a few of the training sessions. I felt just as excited and relieved watching him cross the finish line as he probably did!

I got to be head of support crew, I drove him at 4am to the swim, (fitting in my own Saturday long run whilst he was in the water, and back to watch him running out), I got to two bike location spots, (fitting in brunch, of course), and got to see him at multiple times on the run and of course at the finish line.

If you ever go to watch a Marathon it is one of the most inspiring things to watch, but that cannot even compete with an Iron Man. It is such a long day (even for spectators), it takes ridiculous amounts of training, (often throughout the winter), and is just such an extreme thing to put your body through in one day!

To get to the point.. I have finally entered one! AHHH! Iron Man Austria June 2016 I am coming for you! I am soooo happy that my Dad has also entered; I can’t imagine doing that much training without him!
Having read a little about the Austria race and watching multiple Youtube videos, It is known as one of the most beautiful races in the world. The lake has an average temperature of 22degrees – It will be like swimming in a bath compared to a previous race of mine which was 11degrees!!

I am excited for the year of training ahead (/ridiculously scared for it) and will be documenting everything through my blog and Instagram, making sure I am well fuelled up on Emilys Journal Bliss Balls!

Em x

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