Ironman Training, 4 months out!

February 24, 2016

Does 4 months sound like its ages away? It used to for me, but I can’t get my head around how quickly time is going and it’s already been 2 months since Christmas! My Ironman is creeping up on me so I thought I would do a little update into my current training and how it is going.

Honestly, I don’t think I am still prepared for how hard it is going to be! One thing I have learnt is that you just simply have to accept that your whole weekend, every weekend until race day is reserved for training! Sure, I still drink as much gin as I can on the evenings, always regrettable the next day when I have 3 hours on the bike plus an hour run, then 2 hour run plus an hour bike the following day!

My hours have got to about 12-14 per week currently and have been/will be for the next week or so, which isn’t too bad when you put it in perspective and think soon I will be doing up to 19! I am trying my best to stick to it, though I can’t help but opt for a training session at Latus Training over an hour in the pool a lot of the time. Out of the 12 hour week, 3 is dedicated to swim (or in my case gym, whoops!) 4 to the run, and 5 to the bike, roughly anyway.

I am really lucky that my dad is training for the same race so I usually have someone to do the longer weekend rides and run’s with, plus we have this weird competitive thing going which pushes me to actually want to get the hours in! I probably shouldn’t write this blog post on a day like today, I have completely ignored my plan and swapped my easy monday 45 min swim for a 97 mile bike ride! Right now it is wednesday evening and I have already managed over 10 hours (I’m supposed to do 12 in the week), so its fair to say I’ve smashed it this week…. but I am suuuuper tired right now.

I daren’t jinks myself here, but so far my training has gone great! I had a couple colds over the christmas season (too much going out), but apart from that I’m injury free, the weather has been freezing but I have still managed to ride most weekends, and the one’s I don’t are replaced with the watt bike. I am really looking forward to how fit I am (hopefully) going to be in the upcoming weeks now my hours and brick sessions are really starting to build up!

Em x

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