Ironman update

May 16, 2016

If you follow me on social media then I’m sure you have already seen that I am unable to compete at Austria, and have entered Vichy a few months later. This is all thanks to an up-slip in my hip (caused over a year ago thanks to a stress fracture in my foot at the London Marathon), because I’ve since done lots and lots of training on my poor hip that has been out of place, the pressure has caused a stress fracture in my back!

As you can imagine after 7 months of relentless training and no free weekends, I’m pretty gutted its been postponed! Having said that, I can’t explain how relieved I am the way this has turned out – If I had continued to train through it without realising, it would have resulted in surgery and never being able to run properly again!

I can’t tell you I have been positive throughout this situation, but I’m getting on with it and looking forward to racing in Vichy (France) on the 28th of August instead, though still slightly concerned that I will only get about a months worth of marathon training in by the time I have healed!

One good thing that has come from this injury is more time on the bike! I am not the strongest rider, so this is definitely doing me some good, I am sure by the time race day finally comes around I will be a little bit more bike fit then I would have been. I also get a practice run – I wasn’t able to transfer races so I’m still entered into Austria, where I am going to take part in the swim and the bike which will be great to find out how my legs are going to feel after that, judge how hard I can go on the bike and also support my dad through the finish line!

Em x

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