Langma Advanced Pro Disk review

April 23, 2018

Advanced-grade carbon Composite frame and fork

Shimano Ultegra 11-speed groupset

Giant Contact SL stem and handlebar

Composite Variant seatpost

Giant SLR 1 Disc WheelSystem

“Impeccably handcrafted for the toughest climbers, passionate cyclists, and fierce competitors, Langma is the secret weapon for charging the breakaway. Langma is programmed for both climbing and quick accelerations so you can conquer the steepest climbs, power in the peloton, rail technical descents and attack the group! This bike is a true companion for a determined rider.”

Now, there are the details for the readers that actually have a clue about bike and all the technical aspects… unfortunately I am not one of those people! I am going to write a very “Emily Young” style bike review here…

How beautiful and fast it looks – of course this is up there on my priority list when wanting a new bike. I’m not going to lie, I’m generally an ‘ all black ‘errythang’ OR completely the opposite and want my cycling stuff to look like Barbie threw up on it with every shade of pink going – this is clearly neither, but I love it! Fiery red has got to = fast, right? It looks very sleek and speedy.

It has tubeless tyres – hallelujah for gals like me who aren’t the most practical despite numerous attempts at practicing! Of course, these can actually still puncture, but it has to be a pretty bad puncture to have to change it/stick a tube in! I honestly think tubleless tyres are the best invention ever!

Disk brakes mean significantly more stopping power and are better at stopping in bad weather (when you live in the UK you’re bound to be cycling plenty in the rain).

How stiff it feels – I had never really thought about this when riding my previous bike, but I can really feel a massive difference between my old bike and how stiff this frame feels! I feel like I gain so much more power per stroke, the bike is easier/smoother to handle and I feel much more stable!

So…. If you’re fancying yourself a new roadie (because you can never have too many bikes) I would absolutely recommend the Langma Advanced Pro Disk! Any questions… give me a shout!

Em x



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