Liv Langma Advanced Pro Disk review

August 11, 2020

The Langma Advanced Pro Disc is engineered for aggressive climbing, descending and accelerations. The unrivalled stopping power of disc brakes provide the confidence to carry speed in fast corners. The frame’s slender tubing creates an extremely fast and lightweight racing machine, while the downtube thickens as it approaches the PowerCore bottom bracket for pedalling stiffness. With Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy and cutting-edge lightweight aerodynamic innovations, Langma Advanced Pro Disc provides the winning advantage for every effort, from long hilly races to fast-paced crits.”


The compact Advanced carbon frame, with slender tubing, and stiffness tuned for the female rider, is a serious climbing weapon.


Combining innovative tubing design with the Flux stem to slice through the wind without sacrificing weight or stiffness.

Precise Handling

This climbing weapon can tackle the return descents or any technical flat corner, with appropriate lateral stiffness and disc brake control.


You know it’s good when you get it again. 

That’s right, this is my second Langma (a big upgrade, but still loving and using my first Langma as my winter bike.) 

The Langma is possibly the comfiest bike out there – despite feeling incredibly sleek and fast, it’s one I will gladly sit on for hours on end, hills and all. It really is exactly what the spec says, and an ideal upgrade for any passionate rider and/or someone looking to race. For me, I’m most excited about the Di2 and built in power meter – to quote my coach, it’s time to “train to power instead of scenery.”

I train to power on my turbo, so I’m pretty excited to see the translation from Zwift to road and get the most out of my outdoor sessions – a game changer for training. Di2 means no delay in shifting, it’s smooth and speedy and such a luxurious addition (I have it on my tri-bike currently, but never on a training bike.) 

I know a lot of people are on the fence when it comes to disk brakes, but this is my third bike with disk and I wouldn’t go back! I’m a nervous descender and the stopping power that comes with disk brakes makes me feel so much safer, especially in bad weather (I’m not always a fair weather cyclist!)

Expect plenty more miles and new bike spam from me – I feel very strange having not been Ironman training this year and feeling more than ready to get back to the graft and look at entering a race for next year! 

Em x


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