Preparing for Red Bull Neptune Steps with Ross Edgley

February 27, 2019

If you’ve been following my triathlon journey for a while, you probably know that I’m not the best swimmer, it’s definitely not my strongest discipline out of the three. Yet somehow, I have found myself doing an open water swim event which involves hoisting your body weight over canal gates with ropes and ladders, ducking from waterfalls, in icy conditions.

If you haven’t heard of Neptune Steps… take a look here.

It’s a Red Bull event… obviously. Does anyone else do unique events quite like Red Bull? I’m still recovering from Time Laps in October!

The event is next month, yes, that’s March… in the UK! So in an attempt to prepare us for this, RB brought in the only person who could possible stand a chance at preparing anyone for a crazy event, or at least convince you it’s a great idea! Who else but Ross Edgley!?

Me and my wetsuit made our way to London and then to Parliament Hill Lido – an un-heated 60m pool, where we found the Red Bull team and Ross, lots of caffeine and buckets of ice (not for the drinks). The training consisted of us swimming laps of the pool (which was 6 degrees!!), then doing tricep dips on the edge of the pool as someone threw buckets of icy water at our faces…. It was as mental as it sounds.


It wasn’t over… we then went into the gym with Ross…

We did what felt like 10 hours of press ups! Followed by duck walks! It was as painful as it sounds.

This was all followed by plenty more caffeine (needed), and a seriously delicious lunch with some words of wisdom from Ross on how to prepare myself for this event.

Main tips:

  • Start doing some cold-water training.
  • Start doing things to fatigue your arms.
  • Use the 2 minutes in the water pre-race to really acclimatise – get your face in, fill your wetsuit with icy goodness.
  • Don’t wear a sleeveless suit (I’m not sure anyone but Ross would have done this!)
  • Gloves could be a good idea to prevent grip-loss when your hands are so cold!
  • Enjoy it.

Am I nervous? HEEEELLLLL YESS, am I excited? YES!

Would you do it? Red Bull has just launched a new women’s wave to increase female participation at the event with 75 places available… come join me?


Em x

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