Realbuzz store tour!

March 25, 2019

I recently got the chance to visit the Realbuzz store in central London – the brand aims to get everyone moving no matter what their shape, size or ability… something that I’m keen to promote myself. I was never the sporty girl at school that people presume, I hadn’t exercised before I turned 19 and first got into running, so my aim is always to show people that If I can do it, anyone can!

Realbuzz was founded 20 years ago by a former world-record holder and started as an online community which empowers users to achieve their maximum potential through healthy active living. Realbuzz is now a retailer and provides a hub of everything you might need for most sports – I was like a kid at Christmas walking around their flagship store in Piccadilly, London.

It’s not just a sportswear store… the Realbuzz team of experts host run clubs, nutrition talks, and other informative workshops that could benefit the absolute beginner to pro athlete. Just walking around the store I had the chance to read tips, tricks and motivating mantras to make me want to rack up some miles (and money). If you are looking to meet some like-minded training partners or need some motivation to get out, head to your local store to help.

I was very kindly gifted a voucher at the end of my store tour… I was far too excited to see that they stocked On Running apparel in store (I’m yet to find another retailer who does!), and picked up the most beautiful, cloud blue running top. It’s FINALLY starting to warm up (though just writing this has probably jinxed us all) so I’ve had to chance to wear it.

Em x

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