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April 1, 2018

Staying focused on your goals can be a struggle for a lot of people, and even the most obsessive people (like myself) can find themselves un-motivated or distracted at times. Life is busy; things get in the way, which we can’t always control.

Personally, I believe having goals is the key to success – not just in the area of your goal… I mean life. I think goals are incredibly important for mental and physical wellbeing. Having a focus, determination, motivation and drive… being uncomfortable, having a sense of purpose and feeling accomplished – I think this is all SO valuable.

So… how do you stay focused on these goals?

Write them down

Make them real. Put it on paper. Be very specific.

Look for motivation

There’s probably someone or something that you look towards, they may have accomplished something similar to your goal. Take inspiration from them; use them as a reminder to keep you focused.

Time management

It’s impossible to stay focused on your goals if you don’t make the time to work towards them. Dedicate time each day and reduce the non-urgent, non-important aspects that creep in and fill up chunks of your day (social media scrolling, TV, etc.). It’s important to be strategic… nothing worth having comes easy.

Create important pit stops

 Big goals take time, and they can seem to far away that it’s hard to stay focused on the end result. Set smaller, but relevant goals along the way (weekly or monthly) to work towards and keep you focused/motivated on what’s ahead.

Fail to plan, plan to fail

 To achieve anything, you need a strategic plan to get there. You can’t just wing it and hope for the best if you are really serious about your goals. The plan can change along the way; you must be adaptable to situations and circumstances, but you need to be moving smartly in the right direction.

Ask questions

 Ask yourself if what you are doing is working? Are you making progress? How could thing’s go better?

Analysing the plan and progress is a great way to stay focused on the goals. Write these down too… it’s so much easier to stay focused if you see it all in front of you, that way you can spot things that need changing.

Em x


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