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Tips for balancing training around work

August 15, 2018

For the most of us, being a triathlete isn’t actually our job… even if we treat it with as much importance as our actual job! Generally, it costs us all of our hard-earned wages and we only work to fund this strange addiction – can anyone relate right now? Fitting in hours and hours of training (in some cases, the hours of a part-time job) around a 40+ hours work week can be extremely daunting, and sometimes just impossible.

Social media, as we all know, can be a tad mis-leading at times, and cause us to believe that the majority of those we follow probably have it easier than ourselves and have all the time in the world to train. I am definitely guilty of this, and I have even had people assume that I also do “blogging and fitness” for a living. I guess a comment to be made here is that we should all just focus on ourselves and our own schedule… who cares is Suzie Fit UK is doing a 30 hour training week and lives on her bike!?

I am definitely not an expert and I rarely go a week where I haven’t had to swap sessions, miss sessions or improvise somewhere, but I do have a few tips to make juggling work and training a little easier! ** As a side note, I do appreciate that I do not have children, and if you do, I totally understand your current eye-rolling as you juggle the task of: parenting, working, running a house, training, socialising and recovering. You guys are amazing.

Talk to your work 

Let them know what you do in your spare time and why you turn up to your desk with only a minute to spare, goggle marks, and are on breakfast number 2 by 10am. If you work for cool people (if you don’t, maybe look at how happy you are in your role?), they will probably understand and help to make things a little easier.

Schedule, schedule, schedule 

Look at your training week/work schedule on a Sunday and plan in your sessions like meetings. Sometimes, I have to start work at 7am and finish at 8pm… sometimes that means chugging a Redbull and getting a swim in, before heading home for my tea at gone 9pm. Sometimes, that means sacrificing that session, or swapping it in for a more appropriate day and slot.


Running/cycling to and from work is a really great way to get miles in when you’re struggling to find the time, it may not be the perfect session but it’s better than nothing!

Be efficient 

If you’re dedicating this much time to training… then you probably have a good work ethic and mental strength. Make sure that’s utilised in all aspects of your life, including work. Push yourself, commit yourself and love what you do… don’t slack because you would rather be training. The results feel the same as the results you get from training, and probably result in your employer giving you a bit more trust if you need to leave early to make run club!

Give yourself a break 

Always remember that you are not a pro athlete, and that you do this because you love it. What will happen if you miss a few sessions or have a busy week at work? Make sure to always have some perspective.

Em x



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