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Training on the 3 peaks

May 7, 2019

Running in the 3 peaks (apparently ‘the peaks’ is not actually here like I keep calling it, but I have ran and love it there too!) is my favourite. It makes me really proud to be from Yorkshire (even if it’s a two hour drive away from me). I first came to watch my Dad take part in the 3 peak marathon – it’s absolutely brutal with 1600m of ascents over 24 miles, with a lot of scrambling to go with the running!

Recently, I have been coming back quite a bit for some training. I wish I could say that I have been secretly training for some awesome fell races or something, but I have actually just been keeping my Dad company as he trains for Marathon Mont Blanc.

I thought I would put together a little travel guide for runners who fancy visiting – I would highly recommend that you do! Even walking (which I do end up doing quite a bit anyway when I’m running) is such good training. I always leave feeling wonderfully exhausted and ready to head to the café in Settle to replenish!

Where to stay

Broad Croft House B&B is just walking distance from the first peak; Pennighent – with spectacular views of it, of course. It’s also situated a short walk from the train station which can take you straight to the second peak – perfect if you’re only running a couple as I have been doing.

The B&B hosts three bedrooms and two micro lodges in the garden – which are dog friendly. Speaking of dogs, they have then most beautiful St Bernard in their home – he’s so lovely!

The rooms are lovely – we arrived late to home-made fruit cake, which really is a pleasant welcoming when you’re hungry (always). The breakfast spread is delightful, so good that I didn’t even want the cooked stuff because I was already in a cinnamon/fruit bread loaf and granola food coma!

What to bring

I would really recommend running with a water pack which includes a rain jacket, water (obviously), some snacks and a phone. I currently use the Salomon women’s 8 pack – it’s so comfortable and easily fits everything in it.

I wear a Buff, have a rain jacket inside my pack and then just normal running attire, with my trail trainers. I would also recommend bringing gloves even if it doesn’t seem cold – the weather can often be bad near the top but also some parts require a bit of scrambling!

The route

There are many ways up and down and around the peaks, but here’s the one that we have been doing:

Post run café stop

I feel like I’m a local at Car and Kitchen now in Settle – it may look like a clothes/furniture shop but above it is actually the coolest little café where you can get your avo/egg or scone fix, and some seriously good coffee!

Let me know if you’re heading that way – I may just have to tag along!

Em x

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