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Training at La Santa with Red Bull

January 23, 2019

I have never felt imposter syndrome so much as I did sitting on an Easy Jet flight, on my way to Lanzarote with Red Bull, to stay at La Santa and train with Lucy Charles…. I mean, WHAT!?

I’m still not over it.

In typical Emily fashion #NotAFitspo… I spent the night before (with a 4:30am alarm), downing champagne and cocktails with a friend! I felt like I blinked before I had my alarm ringing in my ears! I think all of the excitement meant I managed to avoid the hangover that I deserved.

I sat in EAT at Gatwick with the Red Bull team and other bloggers (I can recommend the bean and poached egg pot with feta and avo) holding in the extreme levels of excitement that was consuming me.

We arrived at La Santa and got shown to our apartments… the seriously slick, larger ones on the front that look way too fancy to be in a sports complex (excitement levels now through the roof). I dropped my bags and then headed to a group lunch, WITH LUCY CHARLES. It took all of my will power to sit and eat my Spanish omelette like a normal person without completely fan girling.

We then went on to paddle board – apparently this is not something to add to my (very small) list of talents, before heading out to a really lovely dinner outside of the complex.

Thursday’s alarm went off at 6:40am for a 7am swim with Bella Bayliss -OMG. It was my first swim in 3.5 months – though thankfully I still knew how to do it. We did some drills, and the main set was x3 sets of 200’s (steady, fast, faster), repeated twice. My lats were v tired after this but it was seriously cool to be coached by Bella with Lucy Charles swimming (lapping) next to me.

Then for breakfast – the best part of La Santa! I opted for savoury first with eggs on toast, beans and bacon, then on to fruit and yogurt and muesli (the order sparked some debate, please let me know in comments which order you would go?).

We then had to get ready to ride – I was so excited for this part! The ride was only around 25 miles, but nice and hilly/windy as you would expect in Lanzarote. It was a pretty cool experience to be riding and chatting next to Lucy for this, getting run-off-the-bike tips and Kona recommendations!

We really did train, eat, train, eat, train, train – so next was lunch, before a nutrition chat with Lucy and Red Bull – chatting all things caffeine! – FYI a Red Bull has pretty much the same caffeine as a coffee (and way less than Nocco/Monster).

I saved a Red Bull for the third session of the day, pre-empting that I may need it – I did. A run session with Lucy, Reece and Bella which consisted of a 5k(ish) run and then some efforts – the efforts hurt, I’m definitely not very run fit right now!

Far too quickly it was time for our last supper… another restaurant away from the complex and another delicious meal!

I somehow managed to convince my favourite photographer (once again, being an embarrassing fan girl), to do a shoot with me before I caught my flight home. It was pretty surreal being shot by James Mitchel, also getting tips and advice as I grow my passion in videography and photography.

To sum it up – it was the best trip ever! Ever, ever, ever! I’m really embarrassingly un-cool and a complete triathlon nerd. Thanks so much Red Bull! Head to my YouTube to watch the vlog!

Em x


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