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May 17, 2015

I have decided that some of these classes really are too good and deserve a full post to themselves.

I have always been one of those stubborn people who follow their own training plan, which before I started working a full time job for my placement year had always been to just do as much as you can, and then some more, with an extra session on top.

This last 10 months definatly didnt make that approach possible, but I have still been set in the way that ‘I know best’, and any suggested training classes would never be as challenging as I would want or need, or as effective!

How ignorant am I! I will never not be an advocate for the benefits (in my sport of Triathlon) of running/biking and swimming outdoors, doing tough hills and long mileage, there is just no comparisson! However, I am now in London with a full time job, I have no big event coming up until the end of summer and I have just finished the event I had been training for.

I have discovered this week that not only is there some training sessions out there that are great compliments to my sport and normal training, some amazing alternatives to my training which is more adapted to big city life, and just some classes out there that have you feeling great about yourself!

A favourite of mine this week has been TRX at Transition Zone. This was a 45 minute blast using just your body weight on the TRX bands. I really was skeptical about this, but I completly loved it! It was tough, challenging, exhausting and made me feel amazing in under and hour. I really felt like this is the kind of fast blast that will build muscle and strengthen everything that could get injured throughout my Triathlon based training.

Also, any place that gives me a good workout and a chance to recover with a superfood smoothie involving nutbutter’s is A-OKAY with me.

Em x

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