UA Hovr Sonic 3 review

May 20, 2020

I currently have about four different styles of trainers on rotation depending on the type of run I’m going on and how I’m feeling… I actually can’t quite pinpoint which of my current selection are my favourites, however I have come to the conclusion that the Hovr Sonic 3 are the ‘jack of all trades’ kind of shoe and probably the most blanket suited to a lot of people. So, if you are unsure on which trainers to get because you mix up your run speed and distance, these could be for you!

Let’s talk specs…

Weight: 272g

Drop: 8mm

Neutral and cushioned

Full-length Hovr foam

Lightweight and breathable, engineered mesh

Connect to Map My Run

They’re designed to be as light as a tempo shoe, but with more cushioning… meaning they can take you from short and speedy to longer plodding.

You have probably seen me post/talk about the Map My Run connection feature, but it’s too much of a selling point of this shoe not to mention (and I’m not even a data geek!) Your trainers connect to the app to track and analyse your running with real-time form coaching (this can be switched off and looked at later), including stats like your average stride length and target range, advanced metrics such as average foot angle strike and ground contact time, cadence average and target range.

These shoes achieve that “zero gravity feel” with an external TPU heel counter for additional support and structure – achieving that speed and security combined with comfort!

I would recommend sizing up in these as they feel much more snug than other models!


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