Wahoo Kickr Core review

June 30, 2020


I have never really had too much experience using a turbo trainer – my home set up at my family house meant that I had access to a Watt Bike, which more than did the job for my indoor training. Since moving to London, what I lost in an at-home Watt Bike, I made up for with regular trips to Athlete Lab for some tough, structured training.

Obviously COVID then happened which was fine for the first couple of months when I re-located up North, but not so ideal when I decided to come back to my flat in London with no access to a Watt Bike or gym’s!

I knew I definitely could not have subjected my boyfriend to living with me if I wasn’t well exercised and training properly, which is why I finally took the plunge and hit my bank account with a Wahoo Kickr Core purchase (let’s just gloss over the fact that it actually took months to arrive, so he was in fact subjected to my god awful mood without it!)

I can honestly say it has been money well spent and the whole ‘cost per use’ has definitely more than justified the purchase.

It was pretty easy to set up – I mean, I definitely just watched as my boyfriend put it together and I had already bought an extra cassette and had my bike shop put it on the turbo before it arrived… but I’m still pretty sure the set-up wouldn’t have been too difficult to make sense of.

It connects to everything (Zwift, Garmin) without any issues, and is really quite (especially in comparison to my Watt Bike), meaning it’s very flat-mate friendly for 6am sessions. It’s also pretty heavy though not too big and can be folded away pretty compact should you need to.

I would highly, highly recommend investing in the Core for your indoor bike training.

Em x

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