Winter running kit

January 29, 2019

If you keep up with me on my Instagram, you can probably see that I’m actually a big fan of winter trail running. It takes far more procrastinating and needs much more motivation to get me out on a faster run than it does a muddy, steady, wintery trail run!

I frequently get asked about what kit I would recommend for these kinds of sessions, so I thought I would put together a list of some of my current favourites. * I just want to make a point and say that a lot of the time I run in really old stuff, including a long sleeve run top that I got once from Aldi for £6, and that you don’t really need really fancy run kit, though it is wise sometimes to invest in some good key pieces to keep you warm and comfortable during winter runs!

Zone 3 RX3 compression tights

Didn’t know Zone 3 did more than just wetsuits/tri-suits? Me neither until a few months ago! I’m obsessed with these tights and really enjoy that they’re compression. When finding the link for this post I was v impressed about all the technical aspects of the tights (have a read), and ultimately I just love how they don’t fall down when running!


Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity run leggings

Another great tight option is the Sweaty Betty zeros – they’re amazing quality, high-waisted and really great to move in. Weirdly, I really don’t like them for in the gym, but they’re my go-to run legging. It helps that they come in so many lovely prints too.


Zone 3 seamless base layer

Another contender from Zone 3 is their long-sleeved base layer. My core body soon warms up when running so I actually prefer to have thin/breathable items and layer up if needs be. I’m guilty of running in all black (it’s my favourite clothing colour), which isn’t very sensible when running through some woods early morning, so I’m happy to have such a bright and visible item in my activewear drawer!


Salomon Speed Cross trainers

I have ran in Salomon Speed Cross (when on trails) for years, I basically just get a new pair every Christmas because they’re so great (and because I’m not very good at washing the mud from them so they get a bit worn and torn)! Running on the trails is made so much easier and more enjoyable in these.


Liv Norsa Womens Winter headband

I really suffer with ear ache and always have to wear a headband, whatever the weather! This is obviously a cycling head-band and I wear on my bike and when running… it keeps my ears nice and warm!


I haven’t included too much so hopefully your bank-balance won’t take too much of a beating but like I said, it’s not about fancy kit and I’m a big fan of some of my wardrobes golden oldies!

Em x

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