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Zurich recovery and what’s next….

September 1, 2018

If you follow me on social media/YouTube, you probably know that I was quite keen to enter another race straight after Zurich! I actually decided minutes after crossing the finish line (when in immense pain), that I was going to put myself through it all again… and soon.

I didn’t actually plan my season very well (because I have never actually planned ‘a season’, and only ever do one race a year!), ideally, I wouldn’t have picked a race so late (or competitive!). In my head I pictured myself doing Wales… clearly I was very optimistic with my thoughts considering Wales is only 5 weeks after Zurich. Most research/opinion would say you need a MINIMUM of 6 weeks to recover post-ironman.

I suffered with an ear-infection pre-race and for about 3 weeks post-race, meaning a very slow recovery for me. It didn’t exactly make me motivated to enter Wales – it’s notoriously tough, quite full in my age-group, and very soon.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many races with spaces (feel free to read that like a rap), which is one of the reasons my eyes started drifting towards Taiwan. It may sound absolutely ludicrous (it is!) to consider racing in Taiwan – clearly I didn’t think Zurich was hot enough!? The humidity is supposed to be unbearable (80%+), I have never actually experienced anything like that… It’s obviously pretty far, meaning jetlag is likely, not to mention the food will be very different to what I am used to – very important when digestion troubles are already such an issue during these longer races. Oh, and it’s only 8 weeks after my last Ironman.

So as we have established…  Taiwan is undoubtedly a crazy idea, and of course, I am extremely excited to be doing it and taking on the challenge!

I am back in training and feeling good, it took me week 4 to feel like I could put my body under any kind of considerable stress again. My plan for heat acclimatisation starts this week with a minimum of x1 turbo session in a hot yoga studio, and a minimum of x3, 30-minute sessions in the sauna.

I will be documenting my journey to Taiwan on my Instagram and YouTube, I would love any support/feedback/questions to keep me motivated and accountable – if anyone has ANY advice on Taiwan, heat acclimatising… anything, let me know!

Em x

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  • Reply James Long September 3, 2018 at 8:10 am

    Good luck in Taiwan. Yes the humidity is a killer but I’m sure you’ll be fine. As one can be running in 80+% humidity anyway. After doing a few halfs and fulls in the tropics the only words of advice are to practice drinking LOADS more than normal. Probably nearly double what you did in Zurich. Some people struggle with this and others don’t. Comes down to each person but practice the drinking on both the run and bike because you’ll need it. Malaysia was hot and humid and it was crazy how much I drank.
    Good Luck and look forward to watching the race.

    • Reply emily September 18, 2018 at 1:39 pm

      Thanks so much!! I will definitely take your advice and over-hydrate!

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