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Marathon Mont blanc race weekend

July 4, 2019

If you need a recap from my last trip to Chaminix you can find the blog post here and the vlog here. That trip was basically a training holiday ready for this trip where my Dad was taking part in the Mont Blanc Marathon.

I didn’t take part in the race, though It’s definitely now on my list (or at least one of the races that happen over the weekend), the atmosphere is amazing and Chamonix is quickly becoming one of my favourite places… so it would be great to race there! Any excuse to go.

We arrived on Thursday ahead of the races starting on the Friday (Dads race was the Sunday), which meant we could get a few days to watch and explore! This time we booked too late (standard) and so we couldn’t get a place in the centre of Chamonix like our last trip, though this really wasn’t an issue!

Where to stay?

We stayed in Les Houches which is a short and simple bus ride away from Chamonix – the buses are free and every 30 minutes, so they’re super convenient. We stayed at The Rocky Pop and it was absolutely perfect for what we needed, with the best outdoor breakfast area and some really good muesli to get us going!

We did have a car too, though you could definitely manage fine with the buses as we ended up using them a lot… especially on an evening when too much aperol was involved!

What to do? We managed to fit in a few more things on this trip, such as rafting… it was so much fun! Be prepared to get wet, it’s not as cold as you might think and it’s so much fun! My dad was obviously tapering and spent the first week (before we arrived) with my Mum and younger brother… they did Go Ape kind of activities and rock climbing, as well as visit some really cool looking skate parks! Here are some of the links:


Check out my routes here if you’re all about the running/hiking

Visit the glacier,90,en.html

Rock climb

Water raft

Where to eat?

You can find more restaurant places in my previous blog post here, but I did manage to add a few (even if we ate pizza everynight!!)

Pizzeria Des Moulins

I’m going to say this is the best Pizza in Chamonix (we tried a lot), there’s so much choice on the menu and the dough is amazing! They make a good Aperol Spritz too!

Refuge Du Plan De Laguille

Not only is this place in the most beautiful setting, but the food is incredible! We had the most fantastically cheesey omelette, but the pies looked so good for dessert that I’m going to need to go back! If you check out my routes there’s a great hike up to here if you want to work up an appetite first!

Let me know if you have any other Chamonix recommendations!


Em x


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