20 things you can relate to if you are a Tri girl

April 27, 2017
  1. Having a constant lingering smell as chlorine as a perfume – move over Tom Ford


2. Having black or missing toenails, sandals aren’t such a great idea anymore


  1. Your now lack of boobs are made up for in your over developed quads


  1. Having to plan your whole summer holidays around your races


  1. Always being able to eat more then your boyfriend, or anyone you know


  1. Covering your whole body in Vaseline for races


  1. The struggle of trying to get into your wetsuit and almost pulling your shoulder out of it’s socket in the process


  1. Saddle rash. I don’t think you want me to go into further detail!


  1. Having to explain to people that yes, you do all of those distances in one day, and no, there are no breaks


  1. Trying not to loose your shit when someone tried to compare an Ironman to Tough Mudder


  1. Having to smile and nod politely when people tell you that all that cardio isn’t good for you.


  1. Being forever tired, sore and out of breath climbing the stairs when people expect you to be super fit


  1. Getting up earlier on a weekend then you do during the week


  1. Having to nod and smile when people are adamant they could “do the bike and the run, just not the swim”


  1. You spend the majority of your weekend with middle aged men


  1. You plan your cycling route depending on the coffee stop


  1. Having those dorky tan lines in summer that look like you’ve been in Ibiza with long shorts and a t-shirt on for the whole week


  1. Not being too concerned that most of the men you hang around with have smoother shaved legs then you do


  1. Realising that if you sold your bikes, garmins, wetsuits and trainers you could have saved a house deposit by now


  1. When your bike is legit worth more money then your car

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