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Bliss Balls go to Boom Cycle

March 21, 2015

I had the pleasure of meeting Lily Rice, founder and designer of Lexie Sport one random night at her pop-up in Old Street tube station. I was ridiculously late for a house viewing, but I couldn’t help but go in and take a look.. okay I may have made a purchase too!

I have kept in contact with Lily and she recently asked if I would like to bring my Bliss Balls to her exclusive class with Fashercise at Holborn’s Boom Cycle, to launch her new IRIS leggings. Obviously I was very excited not only to try out the Boom Cycle class, but to meet some amazing bloggers and let them try out my Bliss Balls.

photo 1-10

I really couldn’t recommend the Boom Cycle class enough! I am a triathlete who is aspiring to do IronMan, which is a 120 mile bike ride (not to mention the 2.4 mile swim and Marathon), so my bike sessions usually include a cold, windy, lonely and long amount of hours outside! Boom Cycle was absolutely amazing to be on a bike inside and dancing to Beyonce, training at the same time!

photo 4.PNG

After the class I couldn’t help myself.. I had to try one of their ‘ Vanilla Nut’ shakes! This was literally amazing, and I will be going back soon to try the other flavours!

photo 2.PNG

Make sure to take a look at the new IRIS leggings by Lexie on their website or at Fashercise! Also let me know if you have any other classes like this that I need to try!

Em x

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