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October 19, 2020

Outdoor cycling has really taken a back seat over the last year – mainly due to the fact that I am now living in London and completely incompitant when it comes to navigating, but also because London is pretty rubbish for cycling as it takes forever to escape the traffic and get in some decent miles!

Okay, that was my cycling in London rant over, now we can move on.

I got my hands on a Garmin Edge 1030 Plus (v kindly #gifted by Garmin), so now I literally have no excuse not to get out on some adventures, as there should be little chance of me getting lost.

Setting it up was super easy – I filmed the process so you can see

Some of the specs I am most happy about:

  • Size:58 x 114 x 19 mm
  • Touch screen
  • Colour display
  • 24 hours battery life
  • Up to 100 routes
  • Smart notifications
  • Text response
  • Weather
  • Live tracker
  • Incident detection
  • Bike alarm
  • On-device course creator
  • Sync workouts straight to it
  • It will always take you back to the start of the course (lifesaver for me)

Super happy with my new little gadget and how easy it was to set-up, connect to my bike (power meter/cadence and gears) and also how easy it was to upload a route as well as follow it!

Em x

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