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Lincoln Sportive

May 19, 2016

Last sunday I took part in my first ever sportive.. which you’re probably thinking is a bit strange considering I bike quite a bit and it seems like quite a normal thing to take part in. The truth is I hate racing… absolutely hate it. I would much rather train all year round and barely race – (which is why I only do one or two a year!), I obviously enjoy it on the day.. but a couple a year is enough for me, I can’t stand the pressure I put on myself to do well!

Anyway there was no pressure for this sportive because I’m injured and can’t even stand up out of my seat/pull up too hard. Me, my Dad and our friend Rich decided to treat the sportive like a normal cafe ride, enjoy the food stops and just take it easy and enjoy getting 100 miles in the bank.

It was a really good sportive with a good atmosphere, the weather wasn’t ideal but it definitely could have been worse for England – even if it is May. It was ALOT more hilly then my dad lead me to believe with over 5000ft of climbing (really not fun when you can’t stand up out of your seat).

My only issue with this sportive, and the majority of them from what I hear, is the food at the food stations. Im talking chocolate biscuits, rocky road, and more biscuits. I appreciate we need some energy, but we really don’t need such processed foods with no or very little nutrition! Obviously I brought my own anyway – Bliss Balls, bananas and sugar free oat flapjack, (recipe will be posted soon, promise!)

If you are Northern and fancy taking part in some sportives next year then i would definitely recommend Lincoln, which offers 3 different options of mileage.

Em x

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